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TEaM with Duke for FBRI

Welcome Foundation for Biomedical Research and Development (FBRI) students to TEaM with Duke ! Links to download the weekly course content are below. Please download each week; the materials will be refreshed for each week.


Week 1: Quality Management Systems (week starting September 23, 2013)

Week 2: Process Documentation (week starting September 30, 2013)

Week 3: Audit Methodology (week starting October 7, 2013, webEx postponed a week due to Typhoon)

Week 4: Risk-based Auditing (week starting October 21, 2013

Week 5: Reporting of Compliance (week starting October 28, 2013)

Week 6: Participating in Sponsor Audits (week starting November 11, 2013)

Week 7: Participating in FDA Inspections (week starting November 17, 2013, webEx Dec. 10th)


Course materials folder (restricted to FBRI and DCRI/DTMI users)

Check email for Webcast information: Wednesdays 8:00 am JST

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