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Why Choose Duke?

Coordinated through the Duke Center for Health Informatics, Duke University offers the most complete Biomedical Informatics lab in the world. Whether you are interested in education, research, or skills application, there is no better place to find your path.

Duke’s educational programs cover the Informatics spectrum offering everything from Bioinformatics (genomic, proteomic, metabolomics, and imaging) to Clinical Research Informatics (Phase I through IV clinical trials) to Applied Clinical Informatics to Health Informatics (community and global health). This diverse range of informatics studies also includes the option to focus your studies on the management of the use of technology. With any of these choices, you will work in world-class facilities such as the Institute for Genomic Science & Policy (IGSP) or the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), among others.

Research and work opportunities abound for those who complete one of these degree programs, many offered within the Duke Medicine community. Whether your focus is on research or an informatics career, Duke has you covered. If you are interested in informatics in basic or translational research, opportunities can be found in IGSP, the Duke Translational Research Institute, or the Center for Human Genetics. If your interests lean toward the field of Clinical Research Informatics, then the Duke Clinical Research Unit, the DCRI, or the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center may provide the career you seek. For those interested in clinical informatics, Duke operates three hospitals and hundreds of clinics that cover the Research Triangle Park area. Careers exist for those interested in disease modeling, decision support, application of technology in care delivery, and secondary use of clinical data through Duke’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, Duke's Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, the Duke University School of Nursing, and Duke Health Technology Solutions. If you seek ways to positively impact the health of our local community, consider the Duke Center for Community Research. However, if you are more globally oriented, look for options with the Global Health Institute.

So whether you are looking for research opportunities or wish to apply your skills, Duke Medicine can meet your needs. Duke faculty and staff enjoy challenging and rewarding work coupled with a lifelong learning experience. Come join us!

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